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The right mobility solutions can help increase productivity, reduce inefficiencies, and improve quality of service, while helping to protect critical business information. DMG Business delivers enterprise-grade mobility solutions built for businesses of all sizes, including yours.

  • Connectivity: The lifeline that keeps your workforce connected to critical applications, enables voice and collaboration, enhances productivity
  • Integration: Extend the power and reach of your existing mobility investments to stay one step ahead of your evolving business and customer demands
  • Control: Easily manage local networks and solutions down to the device level
  • Security: Help safeguard your mobile network and endpoints, enabling you to evolve and adapt with confidence
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We Offer The Most Cost Affective SMS Service In The Industry Our SMS Plans Start at

  • 360000 SMS Per Month
  • 500 Per Hour
  • Unlimited Webhooks
  • Unlimited Api Calls
  • Unlimited Auto Responders

  • $55 Per Month

Most Popular Plan

Unlimited Elite

Unlimted Talk,Text & Data $55 Per Month


On Most Popular Plans



Unmlimited Talk Text & Data

  • Nationwide 5G
  • Unlimited Talk & Text & Data
  • Throttles @ 22gb Down To 128KB
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Basic SMS

1 Sms Server

  • 360000 Messages Per Month
  • 500 Messages Per Hour
  • Unlimited Webhooks
  • Unlimited Auto responders


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